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5 Reasons To Have Your Business Valued


5 Reasons To Have Your Business Valued

Friday, February 22, 2019

How much is your business worth?

That is not a speculative question, or one that should be answered with a “ballpark” guess.

Here's five reasons to get a business valuation:

1) Exit Strategy Planning: If you are planning to sell your business it's imperative to set a base line value for the business and develop a strategy to improve the profitability to increase the value as an exit strategy.

2) Buy/Sell Agreements: If you are in a partnership or LLC, a buy/sell agreement between principals can help to avoid future disputes if a  mutually agreed value is established.

3) Shareholder or Partnership Disputes: If an owner decides they want out of the partnership, an independent business valuation is necessary to arrive at a fair settlement of ownership interest.

4) Mergers and Acquisitions: If your growth strategy includes buying or merging with another company, a business valuation will help you determine if the price you are being asked to pay is a fair one.

5) Marital Dissolution: A fair market value of the business interests must be established for an equitable division of assets.

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Friday, February 22, 2019


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